Cleaning: How to fasten your handbag-Mrs. Hinch shares the "first" thing |

2021-12-15 00:41:16 By : Ms. ruth luo

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Sophie Hinchcliffe, a cleaning and tidying influencer with 4.2 million Instagram followers, wrote the Sunday Times bestseller Hinch Yourself Happy. In her book, she shared how she organizes and organizes her handbag.

She said: "Keeping my handbag clean and tidy is one of my top priorities.

"When I tried to find my phone, I hated it and I had to struggle through piles of tissues and hair bands."

Cleaning your handbag is a reliable way to reduce stress; a neat bag paves the way for a neat mind.

She continued: “Let’s face it, no matter what we do, rubbish will accumulate in our handbags. I check and clean it every few days, but because I use it every day, so When I did this, it had been built and revived."

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Mrs. Hinch’s first suggestion is to organize your receipts in time.

"Every time I come back from shopping, I put all the receipts in my small plastic wallet so they won't get in the way.

"If you don't empty your receipts, your wallet will eventually swell at the seams, and you will eventually lose them."

In addition, tracking receipts means they will not be lost-you never know when you have to dig them out!

"As everyone knows, what you can't find is always what you need!"

For the deep cleaning of handbags, Ms. Hinch provides a step-by-step guide on how to "pack up" handbags.

Every few weeks, she would take out the contents of the handbag and wipe the inside with a back-proof wipe: "You won't believe how dirty it is."

Then, she turned the lining over "to remove any debris."

In order to make the handbag look and smell fresh, she wiped an antibacterial wipe on the outside of the bag, and then sprayed some spinning breeze.

Makeup enthusiasts should put a trustworthy empty cosmetic bag in their handbag, rather than "throw it away".

The small bag in the big bag is a good thing, and Mrs. Hinch also put a small bag specially for her medicine, so it is "not free-floating".

"If you have some small bags, it means that if you put other things in, you can easily find them. It's basically equivalent to your cabinet basket."

Important tips for accidentally soiling the bag: "If there are lipstick or pen marks on the bag, spray hairspray and wipe it with a white cloth. It is very effective for leather."

She warned: "But relax, do a patch test first!"

Mrs. Hinch thinks that cleaning is a way to reduce anxiety.

"Some people go to the gym or bake cakes, which helps relieve their irritability. For me, this is cleanliness."

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