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2021-12-15 00:39:57 By : Ms. Unice Yang

Oroville-Survivors of the Northern Comprehensive Fire enjoy food, visit Santa Claus, donate items and art projects at the Wildfire Resource and Recovery Center on Friday.

The event was organized by the North Valley Catholic Social Services Department, Saint Vincent de Paul, and the North Valley Community Foundation, bringing Christmas cheers to fire survivors. There is a top-secret toy room in the far corner of the center, where parents can choose from dozens of toys and books, and then go to the Christmas packaging station to pack all the toys for the children.

A large number of toys were donated by an anonymous donor who signed the name of Jesus Christ, which gave the North Valley Catholic Social Service Department the idea of ​​organizing this event. There are also gift cards for older children and Wal-Mart parents donated by the North Valley Community Foundation, as well as a large number of clothes, shoes, blankets, diapers, wipes and even carbon monoxide detectors for adults to take home.

"Our goal is to ensure that children have a happy Christmas," said Jack Fender, California Hope Project Manager, North Valley Catholic Social Services Department.

North Valley Catholic Social Service Project Manager-Disaster Case Management Sendi Barrett (Sendi Barrett) walked out of the secret packaging station to talk about the incident.

"This is a difficult reminder of what the parents have lost," Barrett said. "We also provide tangible objects for adults. We want to spread the joy of the holiday. We want to preserve the magic and illusion, so that children believe that despite disasters, good things will come."

Tamara Landsdale and her mother Tammy Schultz look at Tamara's two-year-old daughter Opalfaye Jarrell ) Dress in festive costumes and color on the coloring book. Landsdale lost three houses in the North Complex fire. She currently lives in a recreational vehicle and hopes to move into a more permanent home in the spring.

"It's really helpful," Lansdale said of the event. "I bought something for my daughter."

When the children sit on his lap and ask for gifts, Santa Claus enjoys the time with the children. When asked if there were any special requirements, Mike Williams, also known as Santa Claus, said there was a requirement worth noting.

"A little boy said he wanted a girlfriend," Williams said with a smile. "I don't think I can let my elves do this." Williams himself was a survivor of the campfire.

St Vincent de Paul volunteer Sara Louton helped children fill cups with hot chocolate and cider, and distributed biscuits and candies.

"We want to make sure that the children have a great Christmas," Lawton said. "We want them to have a normal feeling. Their parents have financial difficulties."

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