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2021-12-15 00:40:04 By : Mr. Bill Wu

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Little Hope Kedziorski was finally able to ring the bell to signal the end of cancer treatment before the Christmas holiday. 

In October 2020, Hope, who was only 23 months old, was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer called myelodysplasia after developing a suspicious rash.

Her mother Kirsty Wilkie said: "Last Christmas was tarnished because we knew she was about to start treatment soon.

"We are heavy, worried and scared in case our little girl loses her life due to the side effects of cancer or chemotherapy.

"But despite her ill health, Hope calmly dealt with it. She has always been very happy."

The 38-year-old Kirsty and 38-year-old Hope’s father Tomasz from South Queensferry, Scotland spent several months in the hospital because their daughter had undergone 10 operations, 19 blood transfusions, and even defeated sepsis.

Kirsty, a human resources consultant, said: "This summer is very difficult because we have witnessed our little girl fighting this cruel disease."

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"We are completely destroyed and worried about her future."

Despite this, the cute toddler with Down syndrome rang the end of treatment bell in the ward to signify that their journey of treatment eight weeks ago is over. 

Kirsty recalled: "For us, this has been a challenging and difficult year."

Kirsty and Tomasz were initially worried about the rash on her neck. Although the doctor initially thought it was a small cyst, the little girl was sent for a blood test. The results showed that her platelets were low and the cancer was only discovered after a period of time. Bone marrow biopsy.

"Tomasz and I are very sad and worried," Kirsty said.

"The side effects of chemotherapy can be life-threatening. For such a small baby, the risk is even higher, which is why we have to wait until April.

"We stayed with her in the hospital every day, and then we went home for a week.

"The scariest moment was when she suffered from sepsis, because her oxygen level dropped sharply.

"The whole summer was terrible, but hope to continue to surprise us.

"She performed a total of six bone marrow biopsies, installed and removed three center lines, and had a few blood and platelet transfusions, but she still got up and played with a smile every day."

"Our ultimate goal is to ring the bell, because we know that the nightmare will eventually end."

"She has developed very well and even learned how to walk in the ward."

Because of the blood donation, Hope received life-saving treatment, Kirsty also encourages others to donate blood, if they can add: "This is very important for children and adults undergoing chemotherapy because it will remove all their healthy blood cells."

"Since Hope was diagnosed, I have donated blood, and I hope others will do the same."

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The family is now looking forward to celebrating Christmas at home with the family.

Kirsty explained: "This year we are in a much better situation. She has overcome cancer and we have a bright future worth looking forward to.

"She's going to the nursery in January, and I'm going back to work.

'This Christmas will be special.

"Hope is amazing. Anyone who has seen her is in awe of her. We are proud of her.

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