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2021-12-15 00:40:39 By : Ms. Lianghong Duan

Here's how to carry your passport, laptop and boarding pass with you during the entire flight

If you join the outbound crowd during this winter vacation-happy "vacancy"! But there are at least 10 things to take away before going out, such as your wallet, passport, tickets, ID card, phone, charger, etc. The internal spell will not stop until you are on the plane, ready to take off.

Use this checklist we have specially designed for you to relieve the tension before the trip. Here, you can add convenient travel wallets, luggage tags and even wet wipes to your shopping cart in case you need it. Earn Amazon Prime membership; your items will be delivered to you tomorrow!

First, every traveler needs a reliable multi-sleeve passport wallet. PASCCOO This black faux leather passport holder is sturdy and slim, with a magnetic closure and slots for cash, cards, boarding passes, tickets and two SIM cards. More importantly, the wallet can block radio frequency identification (RFID) to keep your credit card safe. You can also get a metal pin for the SIM card slot of your phone.

Use standardized tags to quickly identify your luggage. Each pack of Mifflin provides you with six neutral shades of black, gray and red. Write your details on the name tag and pass it through the luggage with the vinyl strap provided.

The ideal hand luggage has compartments to store every item you might need during the flight. Laptops, books, mobile power supplies, wallets, sunglasses, etc. can all be put into Tzowla's waterproof backpack. There is a wide shoulder strap at the bottom to fasten the bag to the handle of the suitcase. This travel bag has more than 20 compartments and can hold anything from a 17-inch laptop to clothes. It has a USB charging port on the outside, and you can connect it to the internal power bank.

Mack's earplugs reduce the surround sound to 32 decibels, which is equivalent to a quiet town. The foams are soft and malleable, so they will fit all ears after you squeeze them. When you want to close your eyes, insert them into your flight, especially when you sleep very lightly. This jar can be used for a long time, there are 50 pairs.

Save travel to the terrible airplane toilet and use Cool & Cool Traveling Wipes to wipe your hands. Cotton wipes do not contain chlorine and alcohol and are antibacterial. This deal provides you with six packs of 30 wipes each.

For babies with sensitive skin, WaterWipes has the perfect formula-a drop of grapefruit seed extract can absorb 99.9% of water. Even for newborn skin, these gentle wipes are very gentle. Seven-in-one package, each package can provide you with 28 wipes, which can be used when changing diapers, weaning and growing teeth, and cleaning hands and face during the journey.

Pour your most important creams, shampoos and cleansers into a three-piece silicone bottle from Humangar. Designed specifically for travel, each bottle is 100 ml, light weight and space saving. Don't worry about leakage, because there is an extra lock on the flip. Clip them to the shoulder strap or tuck them into your cosmetic bag.

Speaking of cosmetic bags, ProCase Store has a 10 x 5.5 x 5.9 inch lightweight suitcase. It is suitable for small containers of shampoo, lotion, cosmetics and cleansers. This is waterproof, durable and padded to protect your fragile toiletries during the journey. It can be carried with a hand strap, or hung from the built-in hook of the hotel or door handle.

Prepare a pack of two comfortable silicone pacifiers for your zero to six months old baby. An interesting but useful feature is that they glow in the dark, so you can easily find them during flight. The pacifier is packed in a storage box, and you can disinfect it in water later in the microwave.

Gone are the days of bulky neck pillows-into the travel scarf. Open the Trtl fleece pillow, tuck the support into the sides of your neck, then wrap it up and enjoy a warm night's sleep. After waking up, tie it back to your carry-on luggage and wash it in the washing machine as many times as necessary for later use.

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