HEB launches Field & Future home and personal care products for the first time

2021-12-15 00:40:21 By : Mr. Qingchun Zeng

The San Antonio, Texas-based company said that HEB's newly released Field & Future is an environmentally-conscious home and personal care product brand that aims to "be kind to Texans and the environment." Field & Future was launched on November 15th, coinciding with Texas Recycling Day and U.S. Recycling Day.

In addition, HEB has established a partnership with Keep Texas Recycling (Keep Texas Beautiful Project) to help more communities throughout The Lone Star State obtain recycling.

The company said that from sponges and toothpaste to baby wipes and dishwashing detergents, HEB's Field & Future provides products with a range of functions, such as hypoallergenic formulas, biodegradable materials and ingredients, and recyclable packaging.

Currently, there are more than two dozen Field & Future products on the shelves, including garbage bags and recycle bags, which are made from 65% and 30% post-consumer recycled plastics from HEB facilities, respectively.

Earlier this summer, the brand officially launched dishwashing sponges made of plant materials, as well as toothpaste that does not contain fluoride, sulfate, added dyes and artificial flavors.

In the next few months, more Field & Future products from HEB will be launched, covering household cleaning, laundry, paper and plastics, beauty, personal care, oral care, feminine care and babies. Current and upcoming products in most HEB stores include multi-purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, toilet cleaners and dish soap made with plant-derived fragrances, as well as no dyes, parabens and sulfates Bio-based formula of the United States Department of Agriculture; hypoallergenic feminine care products, made of organic cotton, free of coloring, chlorine and fragrance; bath towels and paper towels made of 100% recycled fiber; and free of fragrance, alcohol, Baby wipes with chlorine and parabens.

HEB stated that it created Field & Future based on feedback from partners and customers. This retailer tries to provide products that are friendly to consumers, animals and Texas.

"At HEB, we are always looking for better ways to meet the needs of Texans. Many of our partners, customers and communities are embarking on a green journey. Our goal with Field & Future by HEB is to be on this road Meet them anywhere," HEB Brand Product Director Bonny Akers said in a statement. "With these environmentally conscious products, coupled with our continuous strengthening of sustainable development efforts, we hope to take all possible measures, big or small, to improve the well-being of our planet, our communities, and ourselves."

In related news, HEB is working with Keep Texas Recycling to provide municipal recycling grants to cities and counties in Texas that need support to initiate and improve recycling programs. Keep Texas Recycling specializes in recycling opportunities for rural and underserved communities. Ingleside, Texas is the first recipient and plans to start a community recycling center next summer.

Earlier this year, HEB joined the How2Recycle program to help strengthen recycling efforts in Texas. The How2Recycle label aims to provide a clear and easy-to-read labeling system, and aims to create a common industry standard to let customers know whether the product packaging is recyclable, which parts are recyclable, and, importantly, how to prepare materials to improve recycling efficiency . Currently, more than 1,000 HEB brand products carry the How2Recycle label.

HEB said it recycled more than 527 million pounds of cardboard, plastic, office paper, food waste, metal and truck tires in 2020. Since 2012, HEB has been involved in land and water conservation, habitat and coastal protection, and community cleanup. These include grants of more than $2 million to organizations such as Keep Texas Beautiful, the Texas Conservation Fund, and the Texas Nature Conservancy.

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