Moving with the times with Mayer & Cie

2023-04-13 18:38:34 By : Mr. King Zeng

Albstadt - Mayer & Cie is responding to changing trends in the global knitting industry with a strategic shift aimed at driving future growth.

Throughout its 117-year history, the circular knitting machine builder has responded to many of the seismic changes that have swept across the global textile industry - pre-empting and, reacting to, many of the trends that have come and gone. Towel Knitting Machine

Moving with the times with Mayer & Cie

It is no great surprise therefore, that as we sit in the company’s headquarters here in Albstadt, Germany, managing director Benjamin Mayer is outlining the current state of the market and the tweak of direction the management of this family-run business is taking in this key ITMA year.

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Moving with the times with Mayer & Cie

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