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2022-11-12 21:08:06 By : Mr. Andy Zeng

As the pioneering international exhibition for all sustainable packaging and intralogistics solutions, ALL4PACK Emballage Paris is a source of inspiration to support the sector’s players in the face of current and future challenges. It is in this perspective that the tradeshow is organising ALL4PACK Innovations, a major event shining a light on the most outstanding new products and innovations presented by the exhibitors.

The 1,100 exhibitors and brands of the ALL4PACK Emballage Paris show were able to present their innovations within the framework of the competition. Water Bottle Filling And Sealing Machine

All4Pack Innovations 2022 and the finalists are… - Food & Drink International

The first ALL4PACK Innovations jury, made up of French and international journalists, selected the 24 finalists of the competition.

These will be put before the second judging panel, made up of the members of the exhibition’s Pack Expert Committee, which will designate the winners in the following categories:

The judges may also make their “Judges’ favourite” award to one of the innovations entered.

The winners will be announced in early November. The winning products will be on display at the show from 21 to 24 November, on the stands of the exhibitors concerned and in the ALL4PACK Innovations area. The awards ceremony will take place during the show, on Tuesday 22 November 2022.

BASTIN-PACK NV – Belgium                                         Stand n°090 – N – 5/A

Customised doypack made from MONO-PE therefore 100% recyclable

These mono-material bags made from 100% polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) are recyclable. Similar to standard pouch constructions, they offer full product protection by including high oxygen and water vapor barrier films.

Customizable in high definition flexo printing, clients’ packaging gets a superior look. The zip closures are made from recyclable plastic, so they can be disposed of in a recycling bin.

GOGLIO – Italy                                                               Stand n°014 – H – 5/A

Flexible packaging “suitable for recycling”

Recyclable and compostable packaging solutions, made with polyolefin complexes or mono-materials “suitable for recycling” or composting. High- performance mechanical and barrier laminates with a remarkable and distinctive aesthetic appearance.

LEYGATECH- France                                                      Stand n°073 – N – 5/A

In partnership with GENEOMAT, LEYGATECH has developed the Thinox. This is a lidding solution for reusable containers. This polyethylene film, barrier, 100% recyclable, can be sealed on stainless steel, glass, ceramic, porcelain.

This product caters to the new re-use needs of the fast food market, communities and supermarkets. This film complies with the requirements for strong seals (>250mbar), sealing through contaminants and removal of sealant on cleaning.

Today the use of stainless steel, glass or other containers involves the use of hermetic lids which are often heavy and expensive. Thinox uses recyclable plastic film to guarantee sealing and reduce environmental impact.

LOIRE PLASTIC INDUSTRIE – France                             Stand n° 006 – F – 5/A


Launch of a brand-new lid, neck Twist off 82 mm, for food and personal care markets: LYS lid in PET! Developed for PET jars from sister company Acti Pack, the LYS lid in PET guarantees a mono material and 100% recyclable set of jar & lid. Available in virgin PET raw material, LYS lid is also available in versions integrating 50% and 100% of recycled PET, in clear or coloured. The advantage of the PET lid: the same aesthetic finish as PET jar.

SGT FRANCE – France                                                    Stand n°125 – E – 5/A

New single layer preform with very low mineral content (<4 %)

SGT, a preform manufacturer, has developed in partnership with Avient, a colouring specialist, a new single-layer dairy preform with a very low mineral content (less than 4%). Intended for the dairy products market, this 38 mm neck preform incorporates a new additive technology called ColorMatrix™ Lactra™ Four One Zero which offers both superior whiteness to the bottle and high protection for photosensitive liquids.

The ColorMatrix™ Lactra™ Four One Zero formula makes it possible to block light up to 99.9%, even with a low wall thickness (200 microns). Dairy products, such as UHT milk, sensitive to oxidation are thus protected and kept longer, up to 6 months, without altering taste or sensory and nutritional properties.

ACTI PACK – France                                                       Stand n°006 – F – 5/A

For health and personal care market, Acti Pack proposes a new range, “Isil”, discreet in Basque. The discretion of “Isil” range is located in its neck and cap, which are flat and thin. The range is eco-designed in order to have a “Bottle/cap” pairing with reduced weight. The “Isil” cap is compliant with Amazon norm ISTA-6- and offers tamper-evident seals and first opening security. Acti Pack packaging remains 100% recyclable.

ACTI PACK – France                                                       Stand n°006 – F – 5/A

New packaging in PET, 100% recyclable and integrating up to 100% recycled PET, for the chilled food market: the PET yoghurt pot. This new PET model named Yogo 125ml is proposing the transparency and the standard dimensions of yoghurt cups from the market and is offering the possibility to use a PET lid, thus making a 100% recyclable mono-material set. Unbreakable and recyclable, the PET yoghurt cup is 7 times lighter than its current glass version.

GOGLIO – Italy                                                               Stand n°014 – H – 5/A

Pillow UP – The smart 2 in 1 pouch, flat or upright in a single movement

This pouch is the latest innovation from the Goglio R&D team. The pouch is flexible and can be placed flat inside boxes like a “pillow pouch” or placed on a vertical surface like a “stand up” bag. This smart solution combines practical aspects in terms of production and storage. Also available in “suitable for recycling” laminates.

LEEF BLATTWERK GmbH – Germany Stand n°14 – E – 4

LEEF – takeaway collection with paper lid

LEEF is a takeaway line. Palm leaf packaging with paper lid. The result is beautiful and sustainable packaging for sushi/luxury items/other.

ADMC – France                                                              Stand n°038 – E – 5/A

Multi Q HD high definition container closure integrity system

The vacuum decay test is a proven non-destructive, deterministic, sensitive, and reliable CCIT method to identify leaks in pharmaceutical containers. Newly developed advanced sensor technology enables the Multi-Q HD to detect defects down to 1 micron. The ultra-sensitive technology has an improved signal-to-noise ratio that can pick up the slightest rise in pressure to detect even the smallest micron holes.

ENGILICO – 100 % SEAL INSPECTION – Belgium           Stand n°046 – E – 5/A

Hyperscope™ – hyperspectral tray seal inspection

HyperScope is new tray inspection solution for rigid trays and thermoforms. The inspection solution uses hyperspectral imaging (HSI) and artificial intelligence technology to detect contamination in the seal of trays with a much higher contrast than standard vision cameras, and can even detect contamination through printed plastic foils. Typical applications include the inspection of trays containing cold cuts, cheese, ready meals, etc.

ESKO-GRAPHICS BVBA – Belgium                                     Stand n°058 – D – 4

Nowadays reducing waste is a top priority. For the production of flexo plates, if the entire plate is not being used, there is no need to cover the whole surface with solvent.

Part of Esko Flexo Engine, new Solvent Saver helps plate producers:

It addresses two of the biggest concerns in the industry today – sustainability, and economic issues.

KHS GmbH – Germany                                                  Stand n°102 – D – 5/A

SmartCan filler/seamer block by KHS/Ferrum

Great flexibility, a high standard of hygiene and plenty of future viability all rolled into one: the SmartCan filler/seamer block by KHS/Ferrum combines numerous advantages in a single machine. The filler, seamer and housing are perfectly attuned to one another. The computer-controlled can filler and seamer can fill beer and CSD, juices, still beverages and even coffee and tea quickly and efficiently. The can filler/seamer block can fill up to 135,000 cans per hour with a diameter of 50-73 mm.

PRINTING INTERNATIONAL NV/SA – Belgium                 Stand n°015 – B – 4

Automatic Color Registration [ACR] avoids cumbersome setup procedures, eliminating the need for technical skills from the operator. Printing plates and pads are simply fixed onto the machine and the ACR modules use specific references on printing plates, pads and product fixtures to align all components to get not only registered colours but also to place the (multicolour) image exactly on the spot where it is needed.

This ACR setup procedure is much faster and more accurate than manual setup. During production, re-calibration of the setup can be repeated if required. A complete repositioning of the image (all colours together) or adjustment of one particular colour component referenced to any other colour component is also easy to do at any moment during production and takes only a few seconds.

U2 Robotics – France                                                    Stand n°021 – B – 5/A

Cleanline is a solution that works with virtually any packaging shape and type of closure. The machine is designed for quick changeovers and frequent format changes. The format elements are printed on a 3D printer, which allows users to produce them quickly. The machine has a much higher productivity per square meter of its area thanks to the magnetic conveyor module.

CILKOA – France                                                                 Stand n°003 – E – 4

Cilkoa is a solution that makes it possible to coat cellulosic materials (paper, cardboard or moulded cellulose) with a thin layer of a few nanometres of alumina, in order to give them high barriers to oxygen and water vapour, without compromising their sustainable end of life (recyclability or compostability). This treatment is the only solution providing gas barrier properties while maintaining such a high percentage of cellulose, above 99%. The treatment also applies to flexible films as well as to objects that have already been shaped.

GETRA – France                                                              Stand n°137 – E – 5/A

The FE23 industrial stretch film is 100% biodegradable, compostable and recyclable according to the EN13432 standard and responds concretely to the implementation of CSR policies conducted by its users. It has been developed in order to:

Unlike other stretch films, which are not recycled at all or very few and which contaminate the compost, the FE23 film provides the solution to the main issues of recycling and final pollution of the oceans.

TOSA – Italy                                                                   Stand n°160 – H – 5/A

Cai Lun: the TOSA project on pallet-wrapping paper

TOSA has invested in a R&D project in collaboration with an external partner which implements a pioneering paper processing method. By means of this process the paper is “deformed” and the fibres composing it stretch by up to 40%, thus allowing us to increase the adaptability to the perimeter of the palletised product, improving its stability and security and also obtaining a more polished finished look than that achieved with standard Kraft paper. Until now, there was only one type of paper on the market dedicated to tertiary packaging. This paper possesses properties that make it suitable for wrapping regular palletised products, without sharp edges, with geometric perimeters.

LIVINGPACKETS FRANCE SAS – France                                Stand n°12 – E – 4

THE BOX, the flagship product of LivingPackets is the result of 3 years of R&D and more than 35 worldwide patents. The Box – foldable line integrates all the technology and know-how of LivingPackets. It includes the logistics tablet (and all its features), the locking system with a special TSA custom interface and an integrated automatic wedging system. A reusable packaging, The Box in its folded configuration helps optimize storage.

It prevents problems before they happen. It is preventive, protective and customizable. LivingPackets is on a mission to eliminate the use of environmentally unfriendly packaging in favour of a solution that reduces costs and improves the delivery experience

QIMAROX BV – Netherlands                                       Stand n°148 – M – 5/A

Qimarox introduces a brand new palletizer especially developed for a logistics environment where palletizing goods from containers happens often. Thanks to its unique pattern generator, the Qimarox Highrunner HR9 can stack boxes of almost any size on pallets at lightning speed. With this innovation, importers of various products are able to largely automate the unloading of containers. The Qimarox Highrunner HR9 offers a solution to the physically demanding work of unloading ‘loose loaded’ containers which is time-consuming and unattractive work. The boxes must be manually removed from the containers one by one and stacked on pallets, leasing to physical complaints among staff and damage to goods if boxes are stacked carelessly or dropped.

RANPAK BV – Netherlands                                            Stand n°152 – E – 5/A

Cut’it! EVO delivers a most innovative approach to the packing process: once the products are packed, the machine determines the highest filling point of the carton, cuts excess cardboard and automatically applies a glued lid, resulting in a box ready for palletizing and shipping. With a high throughput, the machine provides smaller, easy-to-open and tamper-proof boxes, faster and leaner operations, and lower shipping costs thanks to the optimized box sizes.

A few new key features and capabilities for this next generation automated system, which was completely redesigned, include improved reliability and productivity, integrated connectivity with real-time remote support and data reporting, integrated box dimensions check, and easier, transparent operation with maintenance.

SCHOELLER ALLIBERT – France Stand n°026 – H – 5/A

Magnum Optimum® 1210 is suitable for a variety of applications and is the strongest foldable large container (FLC) on the market. Its double-wall structure offers more volume than other similar containers, while its high folding ratio helps to reduce the cost of reverse logistics. The Magnum Optimum 1210 features unique self-locking doors which makes it easy to use with a variety of accessories available (lids, dust covers and the unique Optiframe).

A 4-way FLT entry and easy-to-clean surfaces make the MO1125 a must-have for many supply chains. With a fold rate of up to 73%, this product significantly reduces users’ carbon footprint. Plus, with new tracking and tracing options, this solution allows any freight forwarder to easily manage their asset pool.

STOROPACK France SAS – France                                 Stand n°164 – H – 5/A

RENATURE Thermo – New controlled temperature pack

RENATURE Thermo is a new product offering to our clients a sustainable and insulative packaging that keeps the needed temperature during the shipment of food and medical products. The flat packed deliveries of panels save transport cost and storage volume. Natural materials like starch as insulative panel and paper as cover make RENATURE Thermo environmentally valuable.

RENATURE Thermo is made up of moisture resistant paper wrap with an insulating core made from waste of starch which does not compete with food.

After use, RENATURE Thermo can be easily separated and recycled or composted at home. The starch panel can also be reused by the end user. It is easy to cut and glue with only water to make a new customised packaging for their own purpose. Thanks to the unique U-shaped design and light weight of the extruded starch, the shipping goods are perfectly protected.

STOROPACK France SAS – France                                 Stand n°164 – H – 5/A

AIRplus BIO Home Compostable aircushions protects products inside the box during transport, and ensures a safe arrival. The aircushions can be used for void fill, cushioning, and block and brace. With these innovative Aircushions, Storopack helps reducing the amount of plastic waste, while keeping the outstanding packaging characteristics to protect light – to medium-weight products.

The new Storopack AIRplus BIO Home Compostable aircushions can simply be disposed on a home compost heap, preventing the aircushion from entering the waste system in the first place. The compostability comes from the raw materials, which are partly from the renewable resource starch. The aircushions follow the high standards of the “OK compost home” certification from TÜV Austria.

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All4Pack Innovations 2022 and the finalists are… - Food & Drink International

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