Partnership Recognized for Recyclable Food Packaging | Plastics Technology

2023-01-06 16:48:59 By : Ms. Joyce Luo

Polysack and Intrama recyclable food packaging won 2022 “Prize-Pack” award. #sustainability

Polysack and Intrama announced that their co-created food packaging has been recognized with this year’s “Prize Pack” award.  Polysack is an Israel-based packaging film producer, and Intrama is a Bulgaria-based packaging systems producer.  Cast Polypropylene Film

Partnership Recognized for Recyclable Food Packaging |               Plastics Technology

The Prize Pack award is given each year by the Food Processing Industry Magazine in Bulgaria, to companies that produce a ground-breaking packaging design that is recyclable.

Winning package from Intrama and Polysack Partnership. Photo Credit: Polysack

The award-winning packaging is a combination of two films: thermoformable bottom film and flexible lidding film. The bottom web is a 9-layer co-extruded transparent film with a gauge of 140 microns and a top web is an 11-layer laminated film with a total thickness of 60 microns. This top web is made of two laminated films: internal layer is produced by Intrama, and the external layer is Polysack’s 25-micron thick Pack N Cycle MDO (machine direction oriented) film.

The package is described as medium gas barrier, suitable for meat, dairy, fish and sea food as well as non-food products. It has been certified recyclable by the Cyclos-HTP Institute, of Germany.

For extruders of medical tubing, screw design plays a key role in maintaining dimensional control, physical properties, and more.

Producing plastics parts with undercuts presents distinct challenges for molders.

A new study shows how the type and amount of LDPE in blends with LLDPE affect the processing and strength/toughness properties of blown film. Data are shown for both LDPE-rich and LLDPE-rich blends.

Partnership Recognized for Recyclable Food Packaging |               Plastics Technology

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